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Team Development

Few things are more rewarding than being part of a high functioning, purpose-driven team. But, so many things can get in the way! These include the intense pressures of today's business and organizational environment, personality conflicts, and cultural differences, to name just a few.


This context calls for leaders who collaborate effectively across differences to build thriving departmental, project-based, or global teams. To be successful, leaders must honor everyone’s unique contributions, manage conflict with presence and maturity, practice a learning mindset, and promote openness and care.


Align Leadership's customized team development sessions, which can be delivered as an off-site, through a workshop series, or a year-long program, are designed to create mutual understanding and accountability built on a foundation of trust, shared vision and strategy, aligned ways of working, and open communication.


We consult with you upfront to identify and clarify priority outcomes through a series of stakeholder interviews. These allow us to understand perceptions and priorities across the team and to identify key strengths and challenges to address. 

Outcomes from our team workshops include: 

  • Greater alignment around values, vision, and strategy

  • Increased emotional intelligence, understanding, and respect across differences

  • Strengthened peer-to-peer relationships built on trust and mutual understanding

  • Ability to have crucial conversations, reducing drama and back-talking

  • Improved team communication, iterative learning and constructive feedback loops

  • Strengthened strategic thinking skills

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