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Mary Shippy, Ph.D.

Executive Coach


Mary is a veteran Executive Coach who specializes in working with leaders in transition. Transition can be defined as passages, movements or changes that take place when we move from one stage of life, career, or care-taking – to the next stage.  Transitional coaching specifically is the process by which a coach supports and walks beside people in this process.

For the past 30 years, Mary has worked with diverse companies and organizations, and has coached senior executives in the U.S., Europe, Australia, and Africa. Mary was formerly an internal HR practitioner, which enables her to bring practical and applicable solutions to organizations. Mary served as a senior consultant for a leading provider of management consulting, investment banking, and research for the engineering and construction industry, spearheading a signature coaching program.

Mary holds a Ph.D. in Organizational Behavior and Development, a Master’s in Intercultural Studies and a Bachelor’s degree in Education. She is a Certified Integral Coach through New Ventures West since 2001, a Professional Certified Coach with the International Coaching Federation, and a certified Enneagram Coach.

In her words...

What have you seen lead to the greatest transformations through coaching?

With hundreds of clients, I've seen the greatest changes in their lives come from mindset shift, perspective taking, energy awareness and wisdom harvesting. It's about seeing the whole person – mind, body, heart – emotions, spirit and soul.  Coaching brings to the surface what we might need to see, address, or shift to get out of our own way. It is a journey we embark on because what is presently happening is not sustainable and isn’t working anymore.


How did you decide to become a coach?

I got hooked on coaching when I found myself stuck in patterns that were creating roadblocks to my own success.  I attended trainings that gave me knowledge, but weren’t helping sustain changes in my behavior. Working with a coach helped me see what was invisible and started me on a lifelong journey of self-discovery, becoming more fully human in the world. It also catalyzed me to be a coach!

In their words...

Kevin Britt - National Leader - DPR Construction

“I will forever be indebted to Mary.  While coaching me, she not only identified a debilitating blind spot in my character, but she reflected it back to me in a way that I both could see it and own it.  Then she equipped me with language, thinking, and practical tools to overcome the blind spot and improve myself.  I am a better husband, father, friend and leader because of Mary.”


Eric Cusick - Self-Perform Work Tech Leader - DPR Construction

"Dr. Shippy at Align Leadership has inspired lasting change that has positively affected my influence and impact at work. It’s been a couple years since working with Mary but strategies we developed about ‘managing up’ are still effective and frequently used."

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